Hexagon Software

Hexagon Software delivers lean/agile software products aimed at reducing your time to market. Whether you’re an IT organization deploying to internal customers or a software company releasing a product to the public, we want to help you get there faster.

One impediment to delivery is that many agile organizations are biased toward building versus buying. The tight deadlines of agile processes require a high degree of predictability. This means that your agile team needs strict control over the quality, dependability, and flexibility of every aspect of your product. So, naturally, you probably choose to build most things. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to reinventing the wheel but it’s usually better than taking a risk on somebody else’s flawed wheel.

We provide high-quality components designed to work seamlessly within your development cycle. They are 100% test-driven, so you can depend on their behavior. Because our products are all designed from the outside in, you’ll always end up with just the right amount of coupling. Our components are mockable, so they won’t slow down your test-driven process. Because we design to interfaces you can always add your own behaviors to any of our products.

In other words, our disciplined approach allows us to offer products that improve your velocity without sacrificing flexibility or predictability. Explore what Hexagon Software has to offer and see how we can help improve your value-stream.


A new tool created to overcome the frustration of traditional database development and deployment, DataConstructor is the first database system to integrate your database as a malleable, living part of your product suite. Click below to learn more about DataConstructor and download your free 30-day trial now. 

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