Data Structure Metamorphism

Our flagship product (DataConstructor) is a revolutionary tool that will change the way you develop your databases... or so we thought.  The reality is that Hexagon Software is changing the way people develop their databases and those people are using DataConstructor to apply what they've learned.

That's what this course is all about: changing the way you develop your databases so that Agility can flourish in the database world.

In this course, which usually runs about two hours, we will go through the following steps:

Shifting our Perspective
First, we have to understand what the real differences between databases and programs really are.
Rethinking our Values
Once we understand how the forces are different, we need to derive a new set of values from the principles of Agility.
Changing our Paradigms
Understanding the forces and having a firm grasp on our values, we will explore a new paradigm for database development.
Building Practices
On a solid foundation of perspective, values, and new thinking, we will build a set of practices which make databases the kind of "fertile soil" the seeds of Agility would need to germinate.

When you are done with the course, you will have the theoretical foundation required to build a truly Agile database.

At no point during the seminar is DataConstructor  advertised.  However, we have found that it is easier to just answer a question about it honestly, should one arise, than it is to try and tap-dance around it or push it off to the end of the course.  There are also some issues which are best discussed in terms of that product.  No explicit advertising will take place but discussion of our products may take place if required to answer a question.