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DataConstructor is now available under a community license for databases created using DataConstructor. Click here to find out more.

If you’ve got an agile team, odds are you want your database development to be iterative. …but to develop anything in small increments, you need all the standard fares: validation-centrism, quality up front, and emergent design.

Are any of those things possible without a test-driven approach? If you answered “yes,” then you can probably stop reading now. There is no agility without stability and there is no stability without a complete, accurate, automated suite of tests.

So why, then, have we had so much trouble implementing TDD with our databases? The answer is simple: the flawed database build processes we have used allow variation to creep in via manual, unreliable, or unrepeatable steps.

This is a result of the way we as developers tend to express databases. Most of the time, during development, we pass around a build script that will take an empty database straight up to the most recent version. Yet, when we get to production, do we drop the old database and build up a new, empty one in its place? Of course not: we apply just those transformations which are required to add functionality.

The reality is: few processes take into account the way databases change until the very end. Those that do often treat test databases as resources to be shared rather than fixtures to be created and destroyed on demand. …and virtually no process takes into account the fact that change, itself, must be tested in the database world.

DataConstructor lets you change all of that. When you use DataConstructor, you define your database in terms of how it will actually be deployed: a series of changes. Your development, test, stage, and production servers will all be built exactly the same way. …every time, no matter how many you build or how long it’s been since a database was last upgraded.

DataConstructor makes it easy to define a class of databases, build new database instances, upgrade existing ones, drive database development from tests, test both how they behave and how they change, create and destroy transient databases, source control database definition files, and share database work within a team. It also gives you the exact same benefits with XML.

DataConstructor facilitates a simple, yet radical change in your database development process. Afraid of change? Don’t worry: we’ve teamed up with one of the best technical training organizations in the world - Net Objectives - to help you through the transition. DataConstructor and the new development process it supports are so revolutionary that Net Objectives has decided to teach both in a course.

You can start a 30-day trial by clicking on this link. Has your trial period already expired? Contact us and we’ll get you a new 30-day license.

What You Get with DataConstructor

When you purchase a DataConstructor development license, in addition to all the great features, you will receive free email support and unlimited maintenance updates.

75.00 USD per individual user
200.00 USD per development team

You can also buy DataConstructor as part of Components Suite.

One "development team" is defined as a single group consisting of up to nine people and capable of producing a whole software product unaided. A Scrum team is an example of a software development team.