Rethinking Agility in Databases - Part III: Testing

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Rethinking Agility in Databases 2/29/2008 2:03 PM

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by Max Guernsey, III - Managing Member, Hexagon Software LLC


This article builds upon the concepts laid out in its predecessors. If you have not read the introduction, Part I, and Part II, it is recommended that you do so now.

For those you who have, here is a quick refresher on Part I and Part II of this series:

In Part I, we discussed evolutionary thinking in software development – a major player in emergent design – and found that it is a great fit for software but doesn’t really work for databases. A better analogy is metamorphosis, which also permits emergent design.

In Part II, we discussed deployment. We saw that most of the mechanisms used were fundamentally unreliable or manual. We hypothesized that this might be because we are trying to apply deployment models developed for software – where builds are reliable and generally happen as a separate step from deployment. Finally, we came to the conclusion that database deploys are database builds. Because of this fact, a “build in place” mentality might be more useful than a “deploy to a place” mindset.

In many respects, this installment is a continuation of Part II that “closes the loop” with Part I. We will cover how testing works in software and how it works in databases. Of course, we will find the differences, and see if there is a way we can reinvent the practice of testing software in the database domain.

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