Free Products

Hexagon Software provides a number of free products which are listed below.

Product Description Get it Now
VSGlue ...streamlines the process of integrating your custom components with Microsoft's Visual Studio. Among other things, VSGlue manages installation of assemblies in the Add References dialog. Free Download
Bootstrap ...breaks the unnecessary binary dependencies. With Bootstrap, dynamically instantiating objects without depending on their concrete type is easy. Free Download
Common Components ...rapidly evolving into a Design Patterns support toolkit. While it is impossible with current technology to write a single implementation of a Design Pattern that will meet everyone's needs, we are striving to do the next best thing: provide a set of building blocks that promote reuse in the most common cases. Free Download

Support Available 

Support is available via email even for our free products. You can purchase support on an hourly basis, or bundled with our Components Suite product. 

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