Following is our list of recommended resources. None of these links are sponsored.

Chat Boards
Hexagon Software For users of our products. Get help from other users, post your great ideas, or get the latest news about Hexagon Software events.
Lean-Agile-Scrum Focuses on Lean, Agility, Scrum, and how they can all work together.
Lean Programming Discusses Lean Software Development from a programmer's point of view.
Agile Database Specifically focused on agile database development.
Personal Blogs
Max Guernsey, III's Blog One of our Members' blogs.
Net Objectives, Inc. A training company that can help you learn Lean-Agile software development, Design Patterns, Scrum, et cetera.
Poppendieck.LCC Teaches courses in Lean Software Development and the homepage is a great summary of Lean Software Development.
Portals A great source for information about TDD. It's morphing into an "all-things agile" type portal, in our opinion.
Other Lean/Agile Resources
Net Objectives Repository A Wiki that contains information about design patterns.
Scrum Alliance An affiliation of people and companies that work toward the betterment and promotion of Scrum.